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Housebreaking and Crating – How they work together

Many people think that suing a kennel crate is some type of punishment or imprisonment. They don’t see it from the dog’s point of view which is that of a safe haven or den where the dog doesn’t have to become overly stressed trying to protect a large area. Additionally, a puppy will not intentionally soil his nesting area. Who wants to sit next to their own poop! not me, and i asssure you the puppy feels the same way.

The Puppy learns to hold himself to avoid soiling his den. This is the motivating force behind the crate as a house breaking tool.

Crating is not cruel or inhumane. It offers a natural way to housebreak a dog using his instincts and usually does so in three to four weeks of scheduled use.
Dogs that are confined to a bathroom or another small room with papers covering the floors may never become fully housebroken. There are two reasons for this:

Even the smallest room may have too much floor space. The dog will soil and then move away from the area.
The residual odor, which will be imperceptible to the human nose but not the dog’s nose, which will attract the dog back to the same area.
Another good reason for the crate is that it helps to eliminate destructive chewing habits that the dog can form if the dog is left unattended. This will be hard to break since a dog will not be receiving the immediate correction that this type of undesirable behavior warrants.
Now keep in mind that the size of the crate is very important. If the dog soils the crate it is to big. Some dogs need more space then others. You might need to experiment a bit to make sure you get the correct sized crate for your dog. Just make sure that if the dog does soil the crate it is not because you have been careless with your feeding and walking schedule.

Now for a little information on Spaying or Neutering your dog

The media is constantly filled with information on the pet overpopulation problem. It’s true, in this country today the problem is serious. Humane societies and pounds are constantly forced to deal with unwanted dogs and cats. In America these unwanted pets are usually the result of unplanned or uncontrolled breeding, where the animals are just allowed to do what comes naturally. Many of these animals are the offspring of strays. In situations where these animals have owners, the owners often do not think ahead to what will be done about the puppies or kittens, it just happens. Most people don’t realize how hard it is to place these animals, even in situations where they are labeled “Free To A Good Home”.
It is therefore easy to make a case why the majority of cats and dogs should be sterilized. As responsible pet owners, we have to limit the burdens we place on the rest of society if we expect to be allowed to have pets in the future. We should not assume or take for granted that legally owning a pet will always be one of our rights. Simply stated, most owners are better off leaving the breeding of dogs or cats to those who are true professionals.

Still, the greatest benefit for pet sterilization for most owners and their pets has nothing to do with pet overpopulation. Rather it is the prevention of very common medical and behavior disorders. Do everyone a favor…think twice or maybe three times before breeding and give spaying and neutering your pet a thought…