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Caring For Your Siberian Husky Puppy

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The first weeks of a puppies life are actually the easiest as the puppies are relatively lazy. During the first two weeks the puppies will wriggle around the bed a lot but they are not able to get out and about. Most of the whelping boxes have high sides on them and this is so that the puppies will not fall out when they are wriggling around the bed. During the first couple of weeks the puppy will not need any supplementary feeding because they will get enough food and energy from the nursing mothers milk. If the puppies are not quiet and spending most of their time sleeping during their first two weeks of life it is important to seek help from the vet as there could be problems.

By the time the puppies are about three weeks of age they should be moving around a lot more and they will more than likely fall out of the box on several occasions. When the puppies start to do this it is time to add another barrier to the front of the box. At about three weeks of age it may be necessary to start supplementing the puppies diet and at this age they will need to be hand fed. It is very important that the first supplement food that the puppies have is reasonable soft. One of the main reasons for starting to wean a puppy at three weeks of age is to allow the nursing mother to recover. It is especially a good idea to start weaning at a young age when it has been big litters however never start weaning before three weeks of age prior to consulting a vet. The nursing mother will probably have lost a lot of weight whilst she is nursing the litter especially if it has been a large litter. The puppies tend to start looking for more solid food at about three weeks of age.

It is also very important that the puppies received their first lot of worming treatment at around three weeks of age but this should always be check with the vet first especially if there has been any problem during the first three weeks of the puppies’ life. When the puppies are between three and five weeks of age the diet should gradually be changed onto other sources rather than the mothers milk.

By the time that the puppies are about six weeks of age they should be completely weaned from the mothers’ milk however the mother may take some convincing that this is the case. The puppies even having the occasional suckle will keep producing the milk therefore this should be discouraged after six weeks of age. A six-week-old puppy should be fed on puppy food. There is a vast range of different types of puppy food that can be chosen for the puppy. The puppy should also be given its second dose of worming treatment at about six weeks of age.

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At about six weeks of age a puppy can be moved to the home where it is going to stay for the rest of its life. When the new home gets the puppy it will be a very exciting time for the people and also for the puppy however it may be a little unsure as it will not really know what is happening and it will be the first time that the pup has been away from its mother. One of the first things that the new owners will have to do is decide what the puppy is going to be fed. It is very important to feed the puppy a high quality puppy diet. It is a very good idea to do some research into the various different puppy foods that are available.

The first decision that you will need to make is if the puppy is going to be fed canned food or dried puppy food. There are some people that prefer to feed their puppy ( read some tips on feeding your puppy here) on canned food because it is more like real food. A good thing to do with a puppy is to feed them on a mixed diet of canned food and also dried food but it has to be special puppy food, as the adult dog food will make the pup unwell. It is very important that the pup always has access to clean drinking water. It is also important to supplement the meals with the hard biscuits, as these will help the teeth of the pup. The most popular choice of puppy food is the dried food. Regardless of what you decide to feed the pup it is important that the food is of a high quality. Nowadays the dried versions of dog/ puppy food are a scientific blend of nutrients.

The cheaper dried foods are more fillers, which means that the pup will probably not get all the nutrients that they require. It is a very good idea for the first couple of days to feed the pup the same food as they were on when they were at the breeders. It is good idea to introduce new foods gradually so start by mixing some of the new food through the food that the pup is used to. Gradually increase the amount of new food which are you mixing in until the pup is only eating the new food. It is a very good idea not to leave the food on the floor all day. Give the pup set feeding times and put the bowl of food down on the floor for a period of time and then lift it away. This form of feeding is also a basic of dog training so this means that you are getting him started on training at a very young age that is good.

Prior to receiving the pup it is very important to be organized and this includes having somewhere for the pup to sleep. It is also a very good idea to have something that will keep the puppy amused and this can include chew ropes, balls and soft toys to name a few things.