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Before You Buy A Siberian Husky Puppy

siberian husky puppy

Before you decide to add a new member of the family in the form of a cute lil’ Siberian Husky puppy,there are a lot of important things that you must take into account beforehand. It is best to consider everything prior to going to look at the various puppies, as the little blue husky eyes will make decisions much harder. It is very important to remember that the bundle of fun that you get as a puppy will not remain a puppy for very long. One of the first things that you have to do prior to getting your Husky pup is to determine the needs of your family. It is very important to look at the long term picture when thinking about getting a dog as you will be responsible for the next ten years of it life if not even longer.

It is important to remember that the dog will not take long to grow into an adult dog, therefore if you have a small flat it would be impractical to get a Siberian Husky. If you do not enjoy going out for a walk then it would be a very bad idea to get a husky due to it requires a lot of attention and exercise.

Breeder or Rescue?

Prior to getting a puppy you will also have to consider if you would rather adopt one from a Siberian Husky rescue or go to a breeder to get one. There is a lot of different information and advice that is available on this matter. A lot of people would much rather get a puppy from a rescue center because they are aware that every year thousands of dogs/puppies are put to sleep simply because they do not have a home and the shelters are unable to keep them indefinitely. Whilst you are considering the dogs/puppies that are in the rescue center it is also important to remember that all the dogs are there through no fault of their own. One of the main reasons why dogs/puppies end up in a rescue center is because people do not take time to evaluate all the requirements prior to getting a puppy. There are still some people that would rather get a puppy from a breeder and most of these do so because they want a pure bred dog.

If you decide to get a puppy from a Siberian Husky breeder it is very important to be selective when looking at breeders, as some will be a lot better than others. There is a vast range of different levels of breeders as well so it is important to choose one that fits your requirements. If you do not plan on showing your dog or breeding from it later in life then there is not really much point in going to one of the top breeders and this will also help to keep the price down a bit. If you are going to get a puppy from a breeder it is very important to use a quality breeder regardless of whether you want a show dog or just a pet. When you are talking to the breeder it is very important to ask questions and whilst you are visiting the breeder have a good look at their dogs and the facilities that the dogs are being kept in. If the breeder acts like they are trying to hide something or are not being completely honest then it is a bad idea to purchase a puppy from them. When you are purchasing a puppy from a breeder it is very important that you feeling comfortable and at ease if for any reason this is not how you feel then do not purchase the puppy.

It is possible to purchase a puppy through a pet store but unfortunately this often means that they have come from a puppy mill. These puppies are very often bred with nothing more in mind than to make a profit as easily and cheaply as possible. These breeders are mainly only interested in producing puppies as quickly as possible and they do not give much if any concern to the welfare of the female dog or even the puppies. The way that these breeders operate often results in dogs that are unhealthy, neglected and even abused. There is far too many pet stores and breeders that operate on these principles and their view is that quantity is better than quality. Nowadays there is also an increasing trend to advertise puppies for sale on the internet. It is not a good way to purchase a new puppy, as you are not going to know very much about the parentage of the puppy or even the temperament of the puppy. There are a lot of breeders that paint the most wonderful picture when describing their set up however it is actually completely different. Most of the time these breeders are happy to ship a puppy to anywhere as long as the people are willing to pay the asked price. The breeder will never visit the home that the puppy is going to and the prospective new owners will never visit the breeding establishment.